Minister Eamon Ryan commends IIA Cloud Computing whitepaper

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Minister Eamon Ryan commends IIA Cloud Computing whitepaper

A first-of-its-kind analysis of the Cloud Computing opportunity for the Irish market, "Cloud Business" is written specifically for Irish SMEs and Enterprises. It can be downloaded from the IIA website.
IIA Cloud Computing Working Group

The whitepaper was driven and shaped by market research commissioned by the Irish Internet Association in August 2009 which discovered that 54% of respondents did not have a clear understanding of cloud computing; how it works and the advantages, efficiencies and savings that it brings to Irish businesses.

One of the whitepaper's first and notable successes is the adoption of an Irish industry accepted definition of Cloud Computing to overcome this market confusion. This definition has been accepted and endorsed by Enterprise Ireland, the IDA, the Irish Software Association, ICT Ireland and the Irish Internet Association as the accepted Irish standard.

"This collaboration between all the major Irish IT industry groups is unparalleled", says Joan Mulvihill, CEO of the IIA, "Progressive and proactive steps in Cloud Computing will give Irish enterprises the opportunity to be early adopters and to drive competitiveness. This is what our working group set out to achieve and this whitepaper is pivotal to starting the commercial debate."

Communications Minister Eamon Ryan welcomed the publication of the White Paper and said, "The Irish Government has identified cloud computing as a key driver of our economic renewal. Not only does this emerging technology afford our ICT sector huge opportunities, but it has the potential to transform the way we, in Government and in the wider economy, do business. In 'Technology Actions to support the Knowledge Economy', we set out our strategy to establish Ireland as a global location for green data centres and cloud computing. This makes sense. With its temperate climate and established ICT industry, Ireland has an opportunity to become a world leader in energy-efficient, grid-computed services. I must commend the Irish Internet Association for producing this comprehensive Paper, which is a valuable resource in furthering our cloud computing plans."

The composition of the IIA's working group deliberately included both cloud computing vendors and cloud computing customers. By representing both perceptions and perspectives, the output is a balanced representation of Cloud Computing. The working group comprises of nineteen individuals from world leading cloud vendors like Google, IBM, Salesforce and Microsoft and successful enterprise customers like McCormick MacNaughton, elan, Jones Engineering, Kepak, who have come together to share their expertise for a common goal.

The whitepaper addresses three core issues
1. Cloud computing and its 'fit' for Irish SMEs.
2. Challenges to adoption. Namely, security, broadband reliability, performance and general commercial concerns.
3. Interrogation of the benefits of the major selling points of cloud computing - Cost efficiency, Globalisation, Environmental benefits.

"Cloud computing is a greatly hyped innovation", explains Gerry Power of Sysco and chairperson of the working group, "This Whitepaper has been prepared to go beyond this hype and assist businesses in the critical evaluation of Cloud Computing for their operations. We have taken a pragmatic approach to get beyond the hype - by questioning the perceived benefits in the context of Ireland and also addressing all the major obstacles."

The whitepaper's conclusion is that cloud computing is a compelling IT innovation for the business community although it lacks maturity in a number of areas. The working group is confident these issues will be resolved as more and more companies trial and execute cloud applications and as new standards, particularly security standards, are introduced. It is hoped that this document delivers an element of clarity and comfort to any companies seriously considering doing business in the cloud and will act as a useful guide to reference when decisions are required.

"Cloud Business" is a free publication for IIA members or can be purchased online at for €295 for non-members. It can be downloaded at All press enquiries will be sent a free copy.

The IIA Working Group on Cloud Computing consists of the following individuals:
• Neil Delaney, Enterprise Sales & Operations Manager, Google
• Wayne Leone, Cloud Lab Manager, IBM
• Cormac Keogh, Architect Advisor, Microsoft
• Joe McNally, Sales Engineer Manager, Salesforce
• Brian Grant, Architect Advisor, Oracle
• Christophe Dobroschke, Product Manager, VMware
• Michael Higgins, CTO, Advanced Innovations, Inc.
• Paul Norton, IT Manager, Jones Engineering
• Suzie Walsh, IT Manager, McCormick Macnaughton
• Brona Kernan, CIO, Irish Times
• Trevor Dagg, elan
• Mark Greville, Merrill Lynch
• Don Ryan, Premier Recruitment
• Ruari Roddy, CTO, Thomas Crosbie Holdings
• Sean Hickey, Head of IT, Kepak
• Paul Tully, IT Infrastructure Manager, O2
• Lavinia Morris, IT Infrastructure Manager, Friend's First
• Gerry Power, Consultant, Sysco (Chair)

For more information, please contact Joan Mulvihill, CEO, Irish Internet Association. 086 389 7552


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