Dot ie Net Visionary Awards 2013

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Dot ie Net Visionary Awards 2013

The annual IIA Dot ie Net Visionary Awards, now in their 15th year are a mainstay of the internet business calendar. Over the years, we have recognised the vision, entrepreneurship and innovation of leaders such as Eamon Leonard, Jerry Kennelly, Dylan Collins, Pat Phelan, Ray Nolan and many more.

Last year’s sold-out event was an exciting celebration of the best in our industry. Year on year businesses are raising their game, newcomers are emerging and the competition for the title of ‘Best’ continues apace. There’s everything to play for. So who is BEST this year?

We want to be the best for awards! We too are constantly striving to improve our awards; the categories, the judging, the titles, the venue. This year sees more changes; new categories, new judging process, new sponsors and another stunning venue!


There are 15 categories and each has been assigned its own judge. The judges will decide the shortlist for their category. We will then announce the shortlist.

PREVIOUSLY, each category was then subject to a public vote which combined with the judges score decided the winner. But everyone got way too good at campaigning for votes so it became a competition for who had the most engaged twitter and facebook followers – which is perfectly valid for some categories but not at all valid for others.

SO THIS YEAR, only FIVE categories will face the public vote. The remaining TEN categories will be decided by the private votes of the full judging panel. The five categories that face the public vote are marked ‘public vote’ and voting will open after the shortlist is announced.


Winning trophies is nice but the problem is that no one really gets to see them and besides, inanimate objects can’t really convey the essence of your brilliance in quite the same way as some carefully chosen words.

Winning an IIA Dot ie Net Visionary Award means you’re the best at what you do but not in the run of the mill ‘best’ kind of way but in a pretty stand-out innovative kind of way. So we’ve taken some time and come up with quirky and compelling titles as the cool tag lines for your brand. Check them out here.

Timelines & Deadlines

Nominations Open on June 18th - YES, you can nominate yourself! You register the nomination and then we send you a form to complete. It MUST be returned to us by July 5th and it MUST be COMPLETE.

Nominations Close on July 5th – YES, you must fill out the form. Wax lyrical about your business or your client’s/ supplier’s/ customer’s/sibling’s/friend’s business. We’ll then parcel up all the entries and send them to the expert judges.

Judges will Complete Judging by July 19th – The judges will decide the shortlist. After the shortlist is announced, the judges will meet and vote for the overall winner in each category EXCEPT for the five categories that will be decided by public vote.

Shortlist Announced and Public Vote is open on July 22nd – You’ve got three days to give it socks on social media and get as many votes as you can... in three days.

Yes, Voting Closes on July 25th*

*In the public vote categories we will merge the public vote with the judges score to decide the winner.


If you are interested in sponsoring one of the categories at this year’s awards then the sponsorship pack is right here or you can call CEO Joan directly on 086 3897552 or email her at

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